Blocking Hollywood Interactive

Folks, whatever you do, dont try to meddle with my blog. I saw you scanning the sites over and over again, for no reasonable reason (well… yes.)

So, you dont have an email adress, you dont have a website – and you think i should let you spider my site(s) any longer, not knowing who you are and what you do? Contact me, if you wish. But not from your Network.

iptables -I INPUT -p tcp -s -j DROP


Quite the same for They offer services to track content, but they are not able to program a RFC 2965 compliant bot to do so. After all, they also have no contact adress on their site, so…
Also to say, they claim to have customers like Reuters and dpa – but if they were serious, they would have some kind of information on how to contact them on their website. Anyway, i’ll block the IPs if they are not able to fix their software. Und tüss…

Well, for all the others: As you may have noticed, i have put BadBehavior and http:BL active on my sites. I knew there had been bad people around, for (quite seldom) i found a spam or two in my comments. But that it was tried that often… geee…
So we will see what comes up, the first result you see above.

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